LKD - Licht Kommunal Digital GmbH inaugurates new facilities

LKD - Licht Kommunal Digital GmbH inaugurates new facilities

LKD - Kommunal Digital Licht GmbH, ROXO Lighting partner in Austria, inaugurated their new premises on the 26th of June 2014. ROXO were represented by the CEO Miguel Silva and Luís Almeida, Export Manager, who presented a commemorative trophy and congratulated LKD for their work over 40 years in the Austrian market.

The inauguration ceremony served to present the new facilities to guests, clients, suppliers, friends and families. Then, Ing. Herbert Sautner, from LKD, and the national and local authorities had a brief speech before the traditional ribbon cutting. After this, all the presents had the chance to have a traditional Austrian lunch and time to fraternization between each other.

ROXO Lighting had an institutional stand, inside of their new facilities, to promote products and solutions.

The new facilities of LKD are illuminated with ROXO Lighting products such as OSLO LED, TCH LED, REBA LED, SPA LED, LNE LED and ROFY LED, all dimmable.

ROXO Lighting and LKD are preparing the Austrian Lighting Future!