4th blood donation campaign brings together 42 volunteers

4th blood donation campaign brings together 42 volunteers

On June 20, Indelague successfully held the 4th blood donation campaign at its facilities. "We are happy to share that the event was attended by 42 dedicated volunteers, some of whom came directly from our local community!" said Cátia Nunes promoter of this initiative.

"It was exciting to see the commitment and solidarity of these volunteers, who came to our company to make a difference in people's lives. Their presence and generosity are true examples to be followed" she adds. 

"We thank each and every volunteer for joining us in this noble cause. Your contribution is invaluable and has a direct impact on the lives of those who depend on these donations. Together, we are building a more caring and humane future!" stated the company's CEO, Miguel Silva.

He also stated "Congratulations to all those involved in the organisation and execution of the campaign. The generosity and dedication of each of you are truly inspiring."