Children's Day: celebrated with memories and special visitors

Children's Day: celebrated with memories and special visitors

Indelague marked Children's Day on 1 June in a unique and memorable way. To celebrate this very special occasion, the company posted a video on its social media channels with a story that touched everyone's heart: its employees' childhood memories.

In the short video, several employees shared stories and memories of their childhood. Some were able to recall special moments, such as childhood dreams, heroes and idols, favourite dishes, games and adventures. This moment of nostalgia and sharing allowed everyone to relive happy and innocent moments.

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The celebration continued in person on 3 June with some very special visitors.

Indelague welcomed a group of pre-school children from CSPREC - Centro Social Paroquial de Recardães. This visit was a unique opportunity for the kids to explore the world of lighting and see their parents' and relatives' workplaces.

The visit was full of smiles, discoveries and lots of fun. The children were delighted to learn about the light production and to see the machines in action. The curiosity and joy on their faces made the afternoon even more special.

For many of the little visitors, the highlight was being able to see their parents in the workplace, providing moments of tenderness and pride. This encounter reinforced the importance of family and work, creating memories that will surely last forever.

The company once again showed its commitment to the community and its people by celebrating Children's Day in a way that involved both its employees and future generations. It was a magical and inspiring day that celebrated childhood and the importance of keeping alive the dreams and memories that mould us from a young age.