United as a family: celebrating International Family Day

United as a family: celebrating International Family Day

On International Family Day, we celebrate the emotional bonds that unite us, whether with our loved ones at home or with colleagues who become a second family in the workplace.

In this context, our company decided to mark this day in a special way. Recognising that our team is a family in itself, we decided to update our family photo. It was an opportunity to bring all our employees together and record the ties that bind us, the smiles we share and the achievements we've made together.

More than just a photo shoot, this moment was a tangible expression of our commitment to unity and team spirit. It was an opportunity to reinforce our values and celebrate the diversity and camaraderie that characterise us.

May this new family photo serve as a visual reminder of the mutual support that surrounds us every day. May it inspire us to continue working together, overcoming challenges and achieving new successes as a truly united family.

On this International Family Day, may we all celebrate not only our biological family ties, but also the bonds we build with those around us in the workplace, making each day more meaningful and rewarding.

Together, we are a family.