Indelague takes decisive step towards environmental sustainability

Indelague takes decisive step towards environmental sustainability

Indelague has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by starting the project to completely transform its car fleet to electric vehicles in February 2024.

In the ongoing search for more environmentally friendly practices, the company announces a significant milestone in its sustainability journey.
The company, already recognised for other green initiatives, has begun the reconversion of its car fleet, with the aim of considerably reducing its carbon footprint.

This crucial step is not the first in its environmental journey. Since 2019, the company has installed 600 photovoltaic solar panels, helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy sources.

By taking this new step, Indelague is reinforcing its commitment to the environment and the community, demonstrating that environmental responsibility is a priority in all its operations. With the reconversion of the car fleet, it’s expected not only a significant reduction in carbon emissions but also a positive impact on air quality and the local ecosystem.

This effort not only reflects the company's values but also responds to the growing global need for concrete action to fight against climate change.