New CONCEPT 35 Range

New CONCEPT 35 Range

Inspired by movement, flexibility, and thinking of a unique visual identity, we created a new range.

The new CONCEPT 35 Family comprises several circular, curved (22,5º, 45º, 90º and 180º) and straight. The freedom of this family will inspire you with endless creative possibilities. The CONCEPT O 35 range allows you to create vigorous circular assemblies with a traditionally geometric concept. The CONCEPT S 35 range consists of individual pieces that can be combined and adjusted to any architectural space. These pieces are available in various radii and sizes, giving the freedom to create lines with truly unique and highly customizable shapes. Minimalism and technology are the keywords that define the CONCEPT 35 range.  The CONCEPT 35 range offers maximum flexibility for individual or continuous line application for the surface or suspended options (with direct and direct/indirect light).

Modular LED luminaires with 35mm width epoxy polyester coated extruded aluminium body, available in 16 colours. Equipped with the latest generation of LEDs, standard version with LED 4000K, RG1, CRI>80, MacAdam Step
CONCEPT S 35 Range
CONCEPT S 35 – Ceiling surface mounted and suspended version
CONCEPT S 35 D/I - Suspended version

CONCEPT O 35 Range
CONCEPT O 35 – Ceiling surface mounted and suspended version
CONCEPT O 35 D/I - Suspended version

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